Railgarden met Johnny Miller. He was a Nice Guy.

Mikey Ground trick hand plant So coooooool!

His name is Cole Tyler.
Dinobots Editer.






Japanese skate video !!!!!

FIRST TRY SUNDAY episode 1 from pigeon films on Vimeo.

It is an image that the owner in the shop in my acquaintance's Japan made.

I bought skating shoes.

The team rider of adidas is good-looking.


I respect him.

Pontus Alv is a professional skater who was acting in the United States.
He is acting to spread skate in Germany in the hometown now.

Yusaku Horii Interview Part 4

P:  Though I think the work of the magazine to do it, does the Japanese snowboarding magazine read?  I hardly read.
You-Suck:  I read. Oh, there is the magazine which I do not watch. I read it plenty recently because I am considerably good in free paper.
There was the magazine which Superb said in old days. It was good!

P:  Superb(Japanese snowboard magazine) was interesting!  I am sorry that I disappear.  By the way, I dislike the contest?  Do not you appear very much?
You-Suck:  Some tense haha.
Though you do not dislike it, what do you say whether you say that there is not that I want to appear with? But it is picnic in the garden enthusiast.
That is the most interesting meeting recently.
Thank you.

P:  In this place, thank you. Because that is a contest to stimulate imagination, I want you to appear to more professional riders.
Though there is the movement with skateboarding as the Olympian Games, how do you think about the Olympics?
You-Suck:  In the first place the political aim that is economical if is seen in OLYMPIC. It may be good to having many people know it widely, but clothes when it slips are regulated, and it is not too good to be slippery in snowboard and skate for the country.
But the guys aiming at the Olympics try muss hard and support you commonly if a Japanese appears. It will come out that the skating seems to be a contest group. I am sorry that I fall for competition sports.
P:  The video to appear this year?
You-Suck:  It is reflected on HYWOD a little.

P:  Did the video shoot do it on around severalth?  Were you happy?
You-Suck:  It was around 1 month! I enjoyed powder in Hokkaido.

P:  The planned video which participates in the next season?
You-Suck:  This is a secret.  In fun!

P:  The reason why I chose Ashbury which came to catch the support recently as?
You-Suck:  The reason is because it is cool. There is Jake, too, and I receive a support in Japan, but a name does not appear in a catalogue.
In other words it was attractive that an advertisement was not made for a Japanese market.
P:  I participated in a US tour of Signal, and did any oneself have the change?
You-Suck:  There was considerably it!
Though, anyway, there was a feeling I said, and to say that American imitation did by information with DVD and a book, a net so far. On the contrary, should I give a style as more Japanese when I go to U.S.A.? I notice that I say, and って is not a meaning to say that I will dissolve that but a wear suffers from ninja-style.
I thought that I understood behavior or culture more, and a foreigner should have been able to stream down it. After all therefore the English thinks that the one that I was able to speak if possible is good at least and. I want to get possible to talk if possible.
Because the foreigner understands that the good thing is good, the snow boarding that seems to be nature and oneself feels like it having come to be possible.

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Kazuyoshi Saito

His song is splendid.


I support Dinobots.

never gonna get it teaser from Cole Taylor on Vimeo.

I came across Dinobots in this winter.
I expect it to the video which they make very much.
I hope it to be sold in Japan.
I think that selection of music is cool very much.


Mikey Park Interview

Mikey is a friend who got acquainted in Utah.
He is working at the office of Celtek glove.
Please click the photograph if you want to see his interview.


Yusaku Horii Interview Part2!!!!!!!!!!

This interview is a project that Mr. Hirata owner in snowboard shop Pegeon in Japan did.
Because I translated it, I do not think that I read easily.
However, because it was a wonderful article, it published.
P=Mr Hirata

P:It is around several years old to have begun snowboarding?
You-Suck:It is around 10 years old.

P:The opportunity that I began?
You-Suck:I had father ran the school in Oya ski resort and take it to the snowy mountains in phlegm every week.
However, I disliked the snowy mountains for the servant for honest child.
It is cold and gets carsick and is early in the morning, and the reason is because it is late at night.
TVgame was the situation that I brought it with me, and was not thought about and I was and went to the snowy mountains haha.

The snow boarder of the high school student came in Oya ski resort in those days that came from Kyoto once, and the person was terrible and was good at snowboarding.
Snowboarding was the first time that it watched a good person with the person whom age was close in, and it became happy to be slippery if then I noticed it.

P:The favorite snow boarder?
You-Suck:It is Yuji Nagama recently if it is a Forrest Bailey, Japanese.

P:Because I do not know it, does Yuji Nagama teach me?
You-Suck:It is a snow boarder from Tottori. There might be film crew which Toy`s film said and photographed it together in those days.
Mr. Nagama was very cool! As for the jump or the style of the rail, the influence from this person is big!

P:The favorite snowboarding video?
You-Suck:"1,999" of Snoboarder magazin, the Japanese work Chapter "smooth&tight"

P:Did the hope that became professional of skateboarder and the snowboarder last in a childhood?
You-Suck: I thought that I could become the transformer at the age of a primary schoolchild haha.
But I longed for a title called the professional who wanted to improve it more whom I did not leave it to a professional, and I came to advance, and wanted to be slippery more.
But at the age of a high school student of the PSA(Japanese snowboard fuck organization) if became professional, noticed it should pay tens of thousands of yen a year to the association, and then wanted to buy a turntable.  
Cannot pay the money every year; thought.
Therefore I felt it have good oneself to slip to become professional.

P:How do you think about the snowboarding organization peculiar to Japan?
You-Suck: Because I am there, and is filled with dullsville professionals thanks to the principle of money-making, the secondhand information of the way of the ski, grace, appearing is professional, and it was not able to be it, massage is bad, and it cannot be said haha.
I think that everybody should snowboard happily.
It is not strangely good because I make a money-making organization.
You had better slip more than you thought about the mechanism of such a profit.

P:Though joblessness answered as for the occupation, is not a professional snow boarder an occupation now?
You-Suck: Though I can be said to be so in winter, I do not slip in the summer.
Oh, the careful work is positive, but thinks that after all slipping time is at time when you should be professional and.
But a head seems to become strange if, on the contrary, I keep being slippery throughout the year haha.
I skate in an off-season and hear a sound and do BBQ together and may take balance I say, and to feel it.

P:Jake Olsen Elm is "Snowboarding will never be a job, it 's just something fun I do. by an interview before When it becomes a job I 'll quit. Though But again that 's just me." said, how do you think about these words?
You-Suck:Though indiscriminate "REAL" says, Jake is particular.
I think that it is not such a thing that genuine snowboard says in Jake. But "a way of said for two months on a so slow holiday" when he returned to LA by a Signal tour after a long absence together. Anyway, the inside seems to have been busy by photography and a tour in a season. It was the feeling that did snowboard very much though I seemed to be suitable.
In other words I think that it is that it does the snowboarding that it cannot enjoy for money that the work that Jake says says. I fail one'sphilia, and it is completely dangerous like a rock star if money enters! ?  But I think that I am cool because he has them naturally. There was it with time of the demonstration or time when I never did snowboard and. To Signal Snowboard manager "Jake!" Slip! Even if "is said, "this is not cool therefore does not slip" even if it is said ". Japan may be a problem,; but haha.
I'm sorry a talk of Jake becomes long and,

As for me, these words are dangerous; became it, and intended. It is surely the professional snow boarder who longed since I was small. After all there were a lot of scenes pressed for choice to get along as a professional. But there is not regret to be said to have done it this way at that time so far. On the contrary, probably I did not do snowboard anymore when I chose the way of that place at that time. I think that I am the best really now.
I do not step on the good talk and should not step on only the board?

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It was good for Utah to perform it this year.

Trick tailmanual favorite Muga was announced in the rail garden.

Shinpey also announced nosemanual in the rail garden.

This video is a record movie of which he took a picture this year.
I think that it is a terrible, good selection though Shinpey selected music.


Aono Tsukasa

He lives in San Diego. He studies English in a language school. His snowboarding-style is cool.

Snowboarding!!! TSUKASA07-08! from TSUKASA AONO on Vimeo.

Do you Know Yusaku Horii?????????

This interview is a project that Mr. Hirata owner in snowboard shop Pegeon in Japan did.
Because I translated it, I do not think that I read easily.
However, because it was a wonderful article, it published.
P=Mr Hirata
[P]:Date of birth and the home.
You-Suck:The home is Tatsuno City of Hyogo Prefecture on October 19, 1984.

[P]:Where are you living now?
You-Suck:It is a parents' family that exists in Tatsuno City.

[P]:The occupation?
You-Suck: A thing real present is the unemployed haha. It works soon.

[P]:Start of skating how old are times?
You-Suck:It is around 11 years old to have got complete. I slipped in those days before I was up at 5:00 a.m., and a school went. It is not thought now.

[P]:Have you begun to pat it?
You-Suck:Father surfed for a long time and skate in the house.
Therefore it is around 3 years old to have got for the first time haha.
But there was not the interesting feeling and saw the person who did ollie in skate at the parking lot of the skiing area once.
I was shocking then! I heard how a swift attack was blown off.
It was this time that I watched skate of doublekick for the first time. But a house has only skateboard of tailkick.
I get pat and am big, besides. There was not at all the board that ollie was made.
Therefore I cannot fly. I go to buy the board of the double kick of 30 dollars in shoesshop Hiraki, and it is from it.
[P]:Shoesshop Hiraki Ahaha! Did not you have interest toward the surfin that a father did?
You-Suck:Actually, I am toilsome for the servant for child though there is it in the time when I did it.Though I understand it, then I do not study that I am interesting very much.
Oh, I was influenced too much by skate, and a street was admiration.

[P]:When you began skating, what kind of music did you listen to?
You-Suck:It is Eagles or Rod stewart.

[P]:The favorite skateboarder?
You-Suck: It is Tom Penny.

[P]:Favorite skatevideo?
You-Suck:CINEMATOGRAPHER of Transworld, 411 Eurpe 1998.

[P]:The thing which I was absorbed in other than skate?
You-Suck:It is HIPHOP. This was absorbed!

[P]: Is it influence of the skate video to have been interested in HIPHOP?
You-Suck:As for the skate video, the influence of the seniors of a considerable influence popular rotation more is big.

[P]:The favorite HIPHOP artist?
You-Suck:If a foreigner is NAS, a Japanese, it is THA BLUE HERB.
[P]:What kind of influence did you take from HIPHOP concretely?
You-Suck:As a result, it is expected that I have become a sound enthusiast.
The way of enjoying more sounds spread by understanding a culture of HIPHOP. What is the roots of this music? I am interested in the degree. Then I entirely came to like the music of the different genre unexpectedly.
Because there was the connection with the trace street culture, I received influence with clothes.

[Pi]:It is terrible and important to trace the root. To what music do you listen recently?
You-Suck: The music collection gotten from Hiroshi Suganuma is interested and I am interested in it listening to various Music because there was fully Music who doesn't know recently haha.

[P]:Does HIPHOP do the play? DJ or MC
You-Suck:Though I am good, it is an event to take music and does not turn Turntable. Because it is clumsy haha.
The younger brother is MC.

[P]:The means of the self-expression that Ryosuke of the younger brother seems to have begun to express oneself in music, but is the most important for an excellent work?
You-Suck:It is the most important that I "do it and am comfortable".

It continues to Part 2.
Special Thanks Mr. Hirata


Hiroshi Suganuma

Snowboard Hiroshi Suganuma 08-09 PV
I respect it most in the rider in Japan.

Sponsor:Signal snowboard Celsius Ashbury Hachi Ski Resort Pegeon Snowboard Shop


I was impressed.

He is daniel pelletier.
I break it now. I use the crutch. I was encouraged to see his animation very much.